Equality and Diversity Policy

1. Introduction

August 2015 E&D Policy

At AFDA we wish to create and maintain a trusting, secure and happy environment where everyone can work as equals. All members of the
AFDA community have responsibilities to promote equality of opportunity, experience and treatment and to challenge stereotypes.
Our community consists of a diverse range of people – employees, visitors, students and parents. We need to celebrate our differences, by understanding them and enjoying the diversity this brings.

2. Aims

We want to foster mutual tolerance and our aim is for everyone to feel valued within AFDA. By actively promoting equal opportunities and not discriminating either directly or indirectly against anyone on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, beliefs, sexuality or gender AFDA can ensure that:


●  All students have opportunities to achieve their potential


●  Expectations of all students are high


●  All students have access to and can make full use of AFDA’s facilities and



●  It reflects the community it serves and responds to its needs


●  All students are prepared for life in a diverse and multi-ethnic society


●  All students understand the meaning of prejudice, how discrimination

occurs and how to take a stand against these


●  It has a positive ethos and environment


●  Racist and discriminatory incidents are dealt with effectively


●  Inclusion issues are taken seriously and are considered in all aspects of

AFDA life


●  Diversity is an asset to AFDA.

3. Equal Opportunities

All students and adults within AFDA have a right to be treated with respect and dignity. This includes a right to:


●  Study, learn and work


●  Physical, emotional and verbal respect, free from violence, bullying and

abusive language.


●  Respect for their gender, race and age


●  Freedom from sexual comments or harassment and inappropriate use of



●  The safety of their property


●  Equal opportunities in relation to course access, recruitment, access to



●  Activities and work experience. Students and adults within AFDA are

encouraged to challenge any inappropriate behaviour or comments. In the case of comments/incidents witnessed by others, silence and non- intervention will be viewed as agreement.

August 2015 E&D Policy

4. Support

Support is available for students from their teacher, regional leader, coach, site leader or any trusted adult.

5. Responsibilities

Students will:


●  Avoid saying or doing anything which will hurt others.


●  Report all incidents of discrimination.


●  Offer support or advice to anyone they see being discriminated against.


●  Advise AFDA about ideas that they think will help to prevent discrimination.

All staff, including partner delivery staff will:


●  Avoid saying or doing anything which will hurt others.


●  Actively demonstrate that they are committed to stopping discrimination in

AFDA by modelling positive teaching and learning to students and ensure that

their own interactions are clear and firm without being confrontational.


●  Strive to develop an atmosphere of trust and respect where students feel their

concerns are taken seriously.


●  Listen seriously to all complaints and concerns about discriminatory



●  Challenge all discrimination and report it.

In addition, teaching staff will:


●  Address discrimination and related issues through their teaching.


●  Find ways to engage their students in meaningful dialogue about equality and discrimination ensuring that all students are aware of where to go / what to do if they are being discriminated against or see someone who is being

discriminated against.


●  Follow up all incidents of discrimination involving the students they have

responsibility for.


●  Actively encourage collaboration amongst students in their learning using a

range of student groupings.


●  Support those students identified as needing additional help to understand

their own behaviour and its consequences.

Parents and Carers will:


●  Inform AFDA if their child is being discriminated against.


●  Support AFDA in its actions against those who discriminate.


●  Always contact AFDA if they have a concern about discrimination.

The Directors will:

● Support staff in training and following procedures against discrimination. August 2015 E&D Policy

6. Racial Equality & Cultural Diversity

The curriculum of AFDA and its educational partners will, where appropriate incorporate multi-faith teaching and learning about other cultures. This universal approach may include visits to places of worship, sites of specific religious/cultural interest, and the use of speakers from different faiths and cultures. Racist language and behaviour will not be tolerated. All incidents will be recorded on a racist incident form and parents notified. Persistent racism may result in exclusion.

AFDA welcomes and recognises its duties under the Race Relations (amendment) Act 2000. We are committed to:


●  Promoting equality of opportunity


●  Promoting good relations between members of different racial, cultural

and religious groups and communities


●  Eliminating unlawful discrimination

In order to achieve these criteria we are guided by the following principles:


●  Every student should have the opportunity to achieve the highest possible standards and the best possible qualifications for the next stages of their life and education


●  Every student should be helped to develop a sense of personal and cultural identity that is confident and open to change and that is also receptive and respectful towards other identities


●  Every student should develop the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need in order to participate in Britain’s multi-ethnic society and in the wider context of an inter-dependent world


●  Every student should have the right to be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well being in accordance with the Every Child Matters agenda

AFDA is opposed to all forms of prejudice including racism, sexism and xenophobia. This includes prejudice which is directed towards religious groups and particular communities, for example, Islamophobia, travellers, refugees and asylum-seekers. AFDA hopes through education and knowledge to teach respect, tolerance and understanding towards different beliefs, cultures and lifestyles. Racist/sexist jokes will be regarded as any other form of bullying and will be dealt with as such.

7. Religious Observance

August 2015 E&D Policy

We respect the religious beliefs and practices of all staff, students and their parents, and will comply with all reasonable requests relating to religious observance and practice in accordance with the absence policy.

8. The Dress Code

Parents are asked that students do not wear anything which has a slogan, writing or illustration that may be offensive in any way to anyone else. Clothing must be appropriate in terms of decency. Partners reserve the right to ask students who wear revealing/inadequate clothing to go home and change. Persistent breaches of the code could result in exclusion.

9. Roles and Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the Directors and educational partners boards of governors to ensure that AFDA complies with the legislation and that this policy and all related procedures and strategies are implemented.