Reporting Policy

1. Legal Framework

There are statutory requirements for reporting to parents on achievements and progress of students.

It is required:


●  that all students on roll, including post 16 students receive an annual written report


●  the report should contain comments on general progress and brief particulars of a

student’s achievement in all subjects


●  reports should contain targets, resulting from discussion between teacher and



●  that arrangements are made for parents to discuss the report with teachers


●  the report includes a summary of the student’s attendance and the number of

unauthorised absences


●  that detailed information and explanatory comments on the results of national

curriculum assessments, especially at the end of the key stage, are included


●  all school leavers are


●  that a record of a student’s level of achievement is forwarded to the school in the

case of a student changing schools.

2. Guidelines for the writing of reports

The actual language of reports is not prescribed by statute but good reports are those which “provide parents with a clear picture of their child’s achievements and progress”.

Subject Teacher


●  a short summary of areas/topics learned can be included


●  they should have a positive effect on student’s attitudes and motivation


●  they should highlight a student’s strengths and weaknesses but should be written in

positive language encouraging the student to improve performance


●  emphasis should be given to the accuracy of assessments and be written in readily

accessible language


●  single assessments should not be the basis for a summary of progress’


●  at least one subject related target of how to improve


●  the use of full Christian names

3. Procedural details


●  parents receive 6 checkpoints per year


●  full written reports on each subject are sent to parents once per year

Site leaders should:
a) take responsibility for the collation and checking of their students reports b) check that all the required information has been included on each report.

All staff should:

a) carefully check the spelling of students’ names, they must be the legal forename and not nicknames.
b) carefully check that the correct punctuation has been used
c) ensure that all comments are linked to progress
d) personalise progress against minimum and aspirational target grades.