Welfare Support

1. Introduction

In accordance with the core values of the governing body, the welfare support policy will comply with the basic principles of ethics, legality, prudence, equality, safety, timeliness, fairness, transparency and simplicity. This compliments the AFDA Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and procedures, which when followed correctly will trigger of support mechanisms through EFPs, External Agencies and Local Safeguarding Boards.

2. Aim

In order to ensure that the provision of learner support with regards to learner welfare is appropriate to meet the principles set out above, our policy is to ensure that:

3. Process

We provide relevant pre-entry information and guidance about the contents, assessment and demands of each programme to enable effective selection of programmes of study

We provide information on the range of support services available and how to access these services. The level and breadth of support provided will be in accordance with an individual’s needs, the type of programme followed and the resources/funding available.

We encourage all prospective students, or their sponsors, to discuss their learning needs and aspirations with AFDA staff prior to selection of their primary programme of study to assist in planning appropriate learner support. Learners have an opportunity to disclose any learning difficulties/disabilities on application and/or at enrolment or at any time during their time with AFDA.

Individual learner needs are reviewed and identified at the start of their programme of study and appropriate resources and/or strategies provided to respond to those needs effectively, through an Individual Learning Plan.

On-programme tutor/tutorial support (as appropriate to mode of attendance) is available to monitor student progress to achievement and, where necessary, individuals to refer to a range of specialist support provision to assist them to maintain their level of achievement.

Ongoing support, advice and counselling is available centrally and promoted to support individuals to follow the appropriate progression route and to help and advise with social and financial issues.

Reasonable adjustments are made to ensure that all learner needs are met at every stage of the pre-entry, enrolment and on-programme process.

4. Process for accessing welfare support

In addition to the policies and procedures for accessing learner support, where learners have raised issues related to their own welfare in a wider context, all staff on sites must make it clear to the learner the support available to them and the process for accessing that support.

In the first instance the welfare needs of the learners will be assessed on entry to the programme and appropriate support offered according to the learner support policies of AFDA and partner institutions.

On induction, learners are to be told the contact details of welfare officers at AFDA and their partner institution and the support available from them.

In the event of a learner raising any concerns with regard to their or anyone else’s welfare at any point in the learners education, the staff member must abide by the policies and procedures stipulated by AFDA on keeping learners safe.

Staff must report any issues/concerns raised to the AFDA leader for their site including the personal for Student Welfare. This should include the names of those involved (if appropriate). The nature of the circumstance(s) and details of the site and funding partner the learner(s) is attached to. Such issues/concerns can include but are not limited to, the need for counselling, financial support/guidance, student advice and guidance, additional learning needs and accommodation/loving arrangements.

The VP for Student welfare will then share this information with the funding partners student welfare officer and an agreed plan for learner support should be put in place. Where appropriate, all relevant parties should be informed of the outcomes of the discussions and the nature of the welfare support required and offered.

A review of the welfare support should be made according to agreed time frames with all information recorded on the learner ILP.

5. Monitoring and Review

The Principal will receive a report as required from the Senior Leaders. This report will contain a review of progress in implementing the policy and include recommendations for revision of the policy where appropriate. The Welfare Support Policy will be reviewed annually by the Principal and Directors.