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Jacob joined Barratt Smith & Brown after his time at AFDA, here’s what his employer has to say; “Jacob joined us as an apprentice in 2018 following a recommendation by Steve Walsh at AFDA. Diligent and hardworking with interpersonal skills, Jacob not only secured a distinction in his level 2 business administration course but has excelled from the apprenticeship to secure his new role as a collections manager in the last 5 years.”

Jacob Page

Collections Manager, Barratt, Smith & Brown

Dan has recently joined the Bedfordshire Police and here’s what he has to say; “Everyone at AFDA were a big help to me. I love my new role helping others and I would like to thank AFDA for all of their assistance and help with finding employment. They helped build my confidence and belief in myself. They also taught me some vert important life skills, values and work ethic.”

Dan Goodman

Police Officer, Bedfordshire Police

“In the summer of 2016, I joined AFDA for further education and employment. As I was still unsure what I wanted to do as a career, I found AFDA and was taken in by Muzzy and Steve, who I am still lucky enough to call friends to this day! Throughout my early education at AFDA, I was given lots of opportunities for my personal development, coaching the students at the academy, in schools and the local community. I was also given many leadership responsibilities and had a big role in running the education programme on a day-to-day basis. This allowed me to know what I wanted to do as a career, which was coaching at the highest level that I could achieve, that became my dream. What I enjoyed about AFDA is that they recognise people who can add value and be an asset to the company as well as to themselves and give them the platform to enhance their skills, make mistakes, learn, work hard, network and get the most out of their individual experiences, in an unforgiving industry of sport and education I found that opportunity, and the pressure linked, very rewarding. As my time went along at AFDA, I gained so much confidence working with young people, it allowed me to take great pride and pleasure in developing young athletes, some of whom I still work with or see to this day and I enjoy seeing the positive impact I was able to have on them and their development, whilst also only being 18/19 at the time. Whilst at AFDA I started coaching at Kettering Towns academy, then shortly after at Leicester City Women’s academy and senior 1st team. Which is where I moved on in a full-time capacity. Without the support and guidance of Steve, Muzzy, Ngoni, the students and my experiences at AFDA, I wouldn’t be half the person I am today and I am very proud to have been a part of AFDA, it was the best choice I ever made.”

Harry Mclean

1st team Kit & Operations Manager, Leicester City

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