Acceptable Use Policy for Post-16 Learners

I understand that use of the internet and electronic communication is granted to me as a privilege, in return for my acceptance of this agreement. Any misuse on my part may result in loss of that privilege and other sanctions being taken. This also applies to any activity undertaken outside the study programme which contravenes the acceptable use rules of the site, the Education Funding Partner and AFDA.

All online activity will be appropriate to:

●  Ensure the safety and security of the study programme system

●  Ensure respect for all members of the community

●  Maintain the reputation of the sports organisation, Education Funding Partner and AFDA

In particular this means:

I will only access online learning and site IT system and internet via my authorised account and password, which I will not make available to others

I will ensure that I do not wilfully damage the site network by means of malicious code (e.g. virus infections, malware), hacking or physical tampering

Language which I use in electronic communication will be appropriate and suitable, as for all study programme work

I will respect copyright of all materials
I will not wilfully interfere with and /or delete another person’s work files

I will not send or forward messages, publish or create material which is offensive, hurtful or otherwise upsetting to another person. Nor will I post anonymous messages or forward chain letters

I will not use a mobile phone, camera or other electronic device to take, publish or circulate pictures or videos of anyone without their permission

In addition, I understand that:

Use of the network to knowingly access inappropriate materials such as pornographic, racist or offensive material is forbidden and may constitute a criminal offence

Guidelines for safe use of the internet must be followed and I will report any materials or conduct which I feel is unacceptable

AFDA and the Site Leader reserves the right to examine or delete any files that may be held on its computer system, to monitor any websites visited and emails exchanged and, if necessary to report anything which may constitute a criminal offence.

Reviewed August 2019